Lambs Conduit Street Take-Over

To complement an Alternative Press Fair scheduled to happen at Conway Hall in London, I approached businesses along Lambs Conduit Street and 11 agreed to host work by 14 artists involved with comics. The artists were the excellent Tobias Tak, Lord Hurk, Kevin Ward, Daniel Fennings, Barnaby Richards, Ellen Lindner, John Miers, Hannah Eaton, Matt Abbiss, Esther McManus, Karoline Rerrie, Martje Schalkx, Dan Locke and me. The businesses were the lovely Ciao Bella, The Lamb pub, The Perseverance, The Lamb Bookshop (sadly no longer), Michael France Undertakers, Schuller Opticians, John Dawson Flowers, Bike Fix, Volte Face, The People’s Supermarket and Sims & McDonald. An opening night event along the street has resulted in at least one marriage (congratulations Martin and Clare!) and a child.