‘Surface Equations’, one of a series of maths experiments shown at St Bartholomew’s Church, current work
A collaborative comic-book imagining an alternate social network, illustrated by David O’Connell

Tanya Meditzky is an artist and writer based in West Yorkshire. Endlessly curious, her art practice is varied, exploring relationships between people – how we connect, the stories we tell each other and the environments created by these ideas.

With a BA in Interactive Arts & MA in Art as Environment from Manchester Metropolitan University, Tanya brings a creative outlook, imagination & a love of problem-solving to working in different fields and disciplines. She is interested in learning, collaboration & bringing people together.

Recent work includes Surface Equations, experiments with trigonometry, resulting in artworks that were exhibited in St Bartholomew’s Church as a backdrop to Marsden Jazz Festival’s 30th year in 2022.